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Our Technology

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Blower Door
A Blower Door System is used for Air Tightness Testing.

A Blower Door System has three components: Powerful variable-speed blower door fan
A door-panel system which temporarily fits in a building doorway
A device to measure fan flow and building pressure ...More Info
Thermal Imaging
We use a professional infrared camera system providing outstanding thermal sensitivity.

Thermal Imaging works by recording Thermal-infrared (thermal-IR) light - which is invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. Our thermal imaging cameras can sense temperatures ranging from -20 degrees ...More Info
Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic detectors are an essential diagnostic tool for preventive maintenance, energy management and quality control for air compressors. Ultrasonic detectors are sensitive to sound above the range of normal human hearing (20 kHz), and therefore can record compressed air leaks before they are ...More Info
Variable Speed Drives
Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) - also commonly known as Variable Frequency Drives or Invertors - are used to control and vary the speed of an alternating current (AC) induction motors.

Traditionally - when using motors to drive pumps, fans and compressors - dampers or valves are used to control the ...More Info