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Cold Storage Inspections

Thermal Imaging (Thermography) Inspections of cold storage facilities can highlight any problems there may be with your installation including: Incorrect operation of the cooling system
Faulty electrics or connections
Damaged or missing insulation Any faults with ...More Info
Compressed Air Leak Surveys
Air leaks from compressors commonly account for over 20% of a factory's compressed air consumption, resulting in large unnecessary additional energy costs. New compressed air leaks regularly arise with smaller leaks enlarging within a short period of time, and yet fixing leaks can be as simple as tightening ...More Info
Energy Saving with Variable Speed Drives
Variable Speed Drives (VSDs), also called frequency invertors, are used to improve control of electrical motors, pumps and fans whilst also providing energy savings.

An existing AC induction motor will be compatible with the application of a VSD.

McClean ...More Info