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Electrical Inspections

Faulty MCCB Thermal Image - by McClean Thermal Imaging

Faulty MCCB Thermal Image - by McClean Thermal Imaging

Faulty MCCB Thermal Image - by McClean Thermal Imaging Fuses - showing overheating during electrical thermographic inspection Digital camera image of MCCB - McClean Thermal Imaging, Co. Donegal Thermal image of overheating terminal Thermograph showing electrical motor control circuit problem Inspection of a Motor & Gearbox showing overheating

Electrical Safety & Efficiency Surveys

Thermal Imaging (thermography) is an important part of a preventative maintenance programme for commercial, industrial and public electrical installations.

Industrial, commercial enterprises and public authorities, responsible for buildings such as schools, nurseries and government offices, are often requested by insurance companies to conduct an electrical thermography inspection as part of a risk reduction programme.

Mc Clean Thermal Imaging have been carrying out electrical thermal imaging surveys in the food, dairy, healthcare, baking, animal feeds, metal & electrical generation / transmission industries, to satisfy insurance requirements, since September 2004

What does an Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection Involve

During a thermal imaging electrical inspection, equipment showing excessive temperatures are located and reported before possibly causing an interruption in service, equipment or plant damage, or even resulting in outbreak of fire.

Advantages of Electrical Thermography Inspections

Domestic electrical inspections can also be useful - particularly for landlords and local authorities to ensure electrical safety of rental properties or if you are considering buying a new home.

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